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radiocarbon CONTEXT database

  • Radiocarbon CONTEXT database is a collection of radiocarbon dates from Upper Paleolithic, Epipaleolithic, Pre-Pottery-Neolithic, Pottery Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites in the Near East and neighboring regions (20.000 - 5.000 calBC). In addition, information is provided as to archaeological contexts, site coordinates and bibliographical references.

  • Select first one or several regions or periods by using the global filter, then extract your data by the "site", "14C", "multi-method" or "references" menu. Generally speaking, typing the first three or four letters of the site's name will suffice.

  • The quality of data is not the same for all regions. The data of the orange areas on the map are the most reliable. Grey denotes that the data of a given area are less complete and standardized. In the remaining areas data are scanty and have not been verified fully. For scientific research, please refer to the original sources.

  • Utz Böhner and Daniel Schyle, radiocarbon CONTEXT database 2002-2006 [doi:10.1594/GFZ.CONTEXT.Ed1]

a new archaeological radiocarbon data collection

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