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radiocarbon CONTEXT database

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  • The data collection depends on a large number of publications, including numerous previously established C14-archives. As far as possible reference was always made to the initial publication of a radiocarbon date.

    The following public collections of C14-dates and site-databases have been consulted:

    ASPRO (Atlas des sites du Proche Orient (14000 - 5700 bp); Hours et al. 1994),
    BANADORA BAnque NAtionale de DOnnées RAdiocarbone pour l'Europe et le Proche Orient,
    CANeW C14-collection (Central Anatolian Neolithic e-Workshop; Thissen 2002-2006),
    RADON Radiocarbon dates online,
    TAY-Project database (Türkiye Arkeolojik Yerleşmeleri.)

    Special thanks to P. Drechsler, J. Linstädter, G. Rollefson and K. Schmidt for the contribution of their respective private collections of 14C-dates.

    Calibration of dates was carried out using the CalPal program package developed by B. Weninger. The current database has benefited to a large extent from his constant advice and first hand knowledge of radiocarbon dating and calibration.

    English edited by Lee Clare. Map Layout by Claudia Fricke.

    The database is part of the DFG-project BO-1884/1-1.
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