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radiocorbon CONTEXT database

  • Southeastern Anatolia

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C14 database

  • This table displays the C14-dates and related bibliographical references sorted by site. The dates from each site are sorted according to settlement phases, and within each settlement phase in ascending age. Searches can be made for site-names (ascii- or uft8-code, e.g. Nevali Cori - Nevalı Çori), Lab-numbers, ranges of time, countries, regions or cultural taxa/industries.

    Each C14-date is linked to a site and has been attributed to a settlement phase of the respective site where possible. When known, the specific context of a C14-date is recorded in the field "layer/locus". N.B. In some cases, i.e. where the original phasing has been simplified, the content of the fields "settlement-phase" and "layer/locus" may not always correlate.

    Remarks and discrepancies are noted in the respective fields. Those dates with discrepancies, i.e. from questionable contexts, having too large standard-deviations or displaying clearly aberrant results, have been marked with a red dot. This does not necessarily mark a date as useless - it merely points to dates requiring specific evaluation and interpretation.

    C14-date with high precision, standard deviation ≤ 0,7%
    C14-date with standard deviation < 1,4%
    C14-date with standard deviation ≥ 1,4% or from doubtful context
    C14-date without rating
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