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radiocorbon CONTEXT database

  • Anatolia - Šuppitaššu Gölü

  • DOI for Scientific and Technical Data:

    Title: Near Eastern radiocarbon CONTEXT database

    Citation: Utz Böhner and Daniel Schyle, radiocarbon CONTEXT database 2002-2006, [doi:10.1594GFZ.CONTEXT.Ed1]

    Publication Date: 2006-09-15

    Author(s): Utz Böhner and Daniel Schyle

    Summary: The radiocarbon CONTEXT database is intended as an aid in the analysis of archaeological radiocarbon dates ranging from the Upper Paleolithic to the beginning of the Chalcolithic period in the Near East (20.000 - 5.000 calBC). Maps for defined absolute time ranges provide up to date information which is as easily accessible to scholars as well as to non-specialists. In addition, site specific data, bibliographical references and complementary context information are supplied.


    Spatial Coverage: Near East, Levant, Cyprus, Anatolia, Greece

    Temporal Coverage: 20.000 - 5.000 calBC; Upper Paleolithic, Epipaleolithic, Pre-Pottery Neolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic

    Data format(s): text-separated-values (csv)

    Data size: approx. 2900 radiocarbon dates


    Project: Institute of Prehistory, University of Cologne

    Download data: Download Near Eastern radiocarbon CONTEXT database 2002-2006 Ed.1 (csv) 112 KB


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