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radiocarbon CONTEXT database

  • Cappadocia - Göreme


  • Database:

    - Not all of the coordinates in table SITE have been checked in detail, in some cases information may be inaccurate!

    - The precision of coordinate values in table SITE has been reduced to 1 minutes!

    - All marine samples (sea shells) in the C14DATA table are marked as such.

    - The field CULTURE ("industry", "cultural complex") in all tables is not standardized yet!

    Character set:

    - The character set is unicode (utf-8).

    - In addition, the site name is added in ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1 - Western European).

    Calibration curve:

    - Calibration curve is CALPAL 2005 SFCP (

    - Identical to INTCAL04 (Reimer et al., 2004) in Holocene and extended by a spline through U/Th-coral data from Barbados, Tahiti and Mururoa by Bard et al. (1993, 1996, 1998) and from Vanuatu by Burr et al. (1998), GISP2-synchronised planctonic foraminifera data of PS2644 by Voelker et al. (2000), and GISP2-synchronised varve greyscale data from the Cariaco Basin (Hughen et al., 2000, 2004 until 59180 calBP. Marine reservoir effect assumed constant 400 14C-YBP.

    The combined calibration curves in detail are:

    Back to 9875 denBCINTCAL98 Tree Ring Section, Stuiver et al., 1998
    12084-41100 calBPU/Th-Coral Barbados, Tahiti, Mururoa, Bard et al., 1998
    11730-12440 calBPU/Th-Coral Vanuatu, Burr et al., 1998
    11835-14609 calBPCariaco Late Glacial, Hughen et al., 2000
    17240-53261 calBPPS2644, Völker et al., 2000
    14740-59180 calBPCariaco Glacial, Hughen et al., 2004

    - The calibrated ages (field calBC68) are rounded to a decade and may differ in some cases from the results of other calibration programs. This is caused by the different spline functions used.

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