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  • The CONTEXT-database is intended as an aid in the analysis of radiocarbon dates ranging from the Upper Paleolithic to the beginning of the Chalcolithic in the Near East (20.000 - 5.000 calBC). Maps for defined absolute time ranges provide up to date information which is as easily accessible to scholars as well as to non-specialists. In addition, site specific data, bibliographical references and complementary context information are supplied.

    Although the radiocarbon data have been standardized and verified as far as possible it goes without saying that the quality of the data is not independent of the original sources. The present database supplies the age-calibrated values (68% probability range) as calculated using the calibration curve CalPal2005 SFCP. The study area has been divided into different regions following environmental parameters and each region has been given its own time scale. Dedicated to study purposes, the collection holds data of unequal quality e.g. some regions are better investigated than others. For easier use, the collected 14C-dates have been attributed in general to common cultural taxa/industries, even though some of these have as yet not been defined adequately. Consequently, in any interpretation all information supplied by radiocarbon CONTEXT database needs to be evaluated in detail by the individual user.

    A complete evaluation-copy of the radiocarbon CONTEXT database is available in Excel- and PDF-format ("download" menu). The Excel-file may be imported directly into the CalPal radiocarbon calibration software, available for free download at Online calibration of single C14-dates is also possible at

    Additional information and advice, including hints either to existing errors or to relevant new C14-dates are welcome and gratefully acknowledged. Messages to the authors may be transmitted by the "contact" menu. All such suggestions will be processed immediately.

    You are free to use, change and manipulate data from radiocarbon CONTEXT database for the purpose of your own research if you refer to the original authors. Databases including parts of the radiocarbon CONTEXT database have to be made free for public use.
    Wild cereals in the Urfa region

    Interest in collaboration may be addressed to the authors. Please use the "login" menu to register.

    Enjoy the CONTEXT-database!
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