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radiocorbon CONTEXT database

  • Urfa

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Site database

  • The table "Site" displays geographical and selected bibliographical information relating not only to all radiocarbon-dated sites but also to selected sites not yet dated by radiocarbon. The list of undated sites is not exhaustive. The sites have been sorted into regional databases (Near East, Europe, Africa) according to periods (Upper Paleolithic, Epipaleolithic, Pre-Pottery-Neolithic, Pottery Neolithic, Chalcolithic).

    Additionally, smaller geographical regions (e.g. Urfa plateau, Balikh valley) have been defined to allow smaller scale regional restriction of the number of results for each search. It is recommended to avoid the sorting of data according to countries.

    For multi-layer-sites the occupation has been further divided into settlement-phases, in some cases by simplifying the original phasing as defined by the excavators. Consequently, the settlement-phases defined by us do not always correspond to the original phasing.

    Major investigated site

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